Saturday, 26 October 2013

Birthday Madness!

Last Sunday I turned 22 (ew), so I thought I would give an insight into what my weekend was like and a brief look at some of the things I got from my friends and family.

On Friday night, me and my flatmates enjoyed a pre-birthday Nandos, courtesy of some freebie vouchers from Freshers Fair. After a busy day of uni, a chilled out delicious slice of per-peri goodness was just what I needed. In true C7 style, we all grabbed a childrens colouring book and started scrawling away while waiting for our meals. Yes we do know how old we are...but when life hands you crayons, you've just gotta colour matter what age you are!

My free half chicken which was b-e-a-u-tiful
After this we were all stuffed and went back to the flat for a chilled out night, which consisted of tanning, plucking and nail painting ready for Saturday nights shenanigans.

Saturday morning was a bit hectic for the rest of the flat, but not so much for me, as I was being held captive in my room while they decorated the flat and baked me a cake. After a while, I got cabin fever, and they let me out just in time for my best friend Hannah to arrive. While the girls carried on making a secretive baking masterpiece, me and Hannah were forced to play Mario Kart to take my attention away from what they were doing.

About an hour later, in true birthday style, the lights suddenly went out and I was being treated to a "tuneful" rendition of Happy Birthday and presented with possibly the best cake Jade and Beth had ever made. I was truly amazed at their hard work and instantly forgave them for locking me away!
My birthday cake consisting of all my favourite things: Matchmakers, Snickers and a hell of a lot of chocolate - Well done girls!
After the cake, I cracked open my first Strongbow of the weekend and put some pizzas in the oven to make it really feel like a birthday! Shortly after eating we started getting ready. For some reason I decided for my Last birthday in Huddersfield, I would go all out: eyelashes, false nails, tan - the whole shabang.
That was until I started getting ready and quickly realised, theres a reason I don't wear any of these things....they just do not suit me! I abolished all the fakery and began to feel a bit strange as nobody ever comes in my room yet the whole flat was in and out, making me wonder what exactly was going on...

Nevertheless once I was ready, I grabbed my laptop and speakers and went into the living room to start pre-drinks with my best chums. Only when I actually got there I was surprised again, to see that not only were all my flatmates there, but they had also sneaked in my boyfriend and his bandmates who were all hiding around our tiny living room, waiting to shout 'surprise!'. My friends are literally the best.

After a few drinks at our flat we headed to town where my boyfriend's band High State were playing as part of the Oxjam festival. It was all a little hectic and if I'm honest a bit poorly organised (not due to the lovely Oxjam crew, but more the bar that was hosting it), but we still enjoyed it regardless. I was over the moon that the band were playing on my birthday night out because I always have so much fun at their gigs and so do all my friends. Although I'm starting to think we embarrass them a little when we constantly dance the Macarena to all their songs! Jade and Hannah emerged out of nowhere with two massive cocktail jugs, so it was obvious we were going to have a top night!

We had a laugh and although it didn't quite live up to my expectations after my last two epic birthdays in Huddersfield, I still had a great time with the best friends and boyfriend in the world. Here are some snaps of our night (all very blurry as it was dark!):

Sunday was my actual birthday and after waiting aaaaages for my boyfriend to wake up, I finally got to open my presents from him and my friends. 

Been waiting for this for so long! I absolutely LOVE Roald Dahl books and read and had them all when I was little, but somehow lost them. So I had been really wanting my own special collection, and my boyfriend listened and bought me this - I love love love it!

My very own Mike Wazowski! I bought my little brother one of these for his birthday but was very reluctant to give him it because I wanted it for myself! But now I have my own thanks to my boyfriend!

My Breaking Bad mug, aka my new favourite mug from my boyfriend. Aaron Paul is a babe and a half!

He also got me the Katy Perry Killer Queen perfume which I'd been wanting for ages. It smells so good!

My lovely friends put together and got me this gorgeous Freak of Nature dress from Topshop, which I had no idea about but they obviously know me incredibly well because this dungaree style dress is right up my street!

One of my best friends, Jade is super talented and made me my very own cushion with a sugar skull on it, all handmade by her, shes so effing clever! If you like this or fancy something for one of your loved ones, visit her page.
An abundance of cute cards from my friends and family!

Some other gifts, mainly from my flatmates Tash and Sunnie - can't wait to down that alcohol!

My friend Beth got me this cool little gift - a Los Pollos Hermanos pot complete with candy meth! Which tastes really good actually!
In the afternoon my dad and sister visited and took me for a coffee, which was lovely as I'd not seen them for a while, and I do love a Costa's Iced Lemonade! We chatted for about an hour or two and then they dropped me back off at my flat.

Later, me, the girls and my boyfriend headed to Wetherspoons accompanied by Jade's sister, Jenna who had visited us for the afternoon. I enjoyed a beautiful meal, courtesy of my boyfriend and it was the perfect end to a hectic but lovely birthday weekend.

If my friends, family or boyfriend read this, thank you all for making it so nice. You are all amazing and I love you dearly!

Also if any of you fellow bloggers are celebrating a birthday this month, I hope you all have a fantastic day too!

My sincerest apologies...

I absolutely promised that I would keep up with this blog and I have failed miserably, so please accept my sincerest apologies.

I had the blogging bug over Summer when I was living alone and didn't have much to do other than my part-time job, and I wrote tonnes of posts and really started to build up my blog.

Then bam! Before I know it, its the end of October and I haven't done a post in over a month - oops.

Everything is madness around here lately. All my flatmates are back and we've been having the time of our lives, making the very most of our final year. We seem to have had more nights out in this past month than we have in the last two years put together! (Freshers aint got nothing on us!) I've really enjoyed getting back into the swing of things with my best pals, hence the lack of posts.

Not only this but uni is SO demanding this year. I have already been swamped with stress thinking about all the things I have to do this year.

I have been drafting up dissertation proposals, book lending and racking my brain trying to come up with an idea for one of my projects and all of a sudden, its two months til Christmas (WHAT?!)

So, I guess this is another plea from me, to promise that I will try and do more posts. However, at least if I do go AWOL again for a while, you know that I haven't disappeared off the face of the Earth. The real reason will be that university has taken me hostage!